Bournemouth Marathon Race Report

We are delighted to report that the four members of the A-Z team for the Bournemouth Marathon successfully completed the race on Sunday. All have now returned to work and are bravely coping with their aching limbs and battle scars ( some more quietly than others ).

The A-Z team would like to thank all involved with the Bournemouth Marathon, particularly the marshals who gave up their time to make such a great event. The weather was sunny with barely a cloud in the sky on Sunday morning as the Bournemouth sea front looked at its’ beautiful best. The more miserable member of the A-Z team moaned about being too hot for an optimum time but everyone else thoroughly enjoyed the weather.

Captain Caroline did a fantastic job in actually getting the team over the start line to begin the race. She showed great organisational skills and iron discipline, sticking to the complete alcohol ban the night before the race, advice other team members followed completely, partially or totally disregarded. Caroline explained that she was not angry, just disappointed!

Caroline’s race – Time for Bournemouth Marathon – 6 hours and 50 minutes

This isn’t a false smile, really!

It is fair to say that Caroline found the race difficult and probably didn’t enjoy parts of it. However, the effort she put in and her determination to complete the race was amazing. She suffered badly with feet that had become a literally a bloody mess and in the hottest part of the day yet refused to contemplate not finishing.  Putting herself through real pain, especially at the end, she was determined not to let anyone down and received a standing ovation from the large crowd at the finish line where her husband and daughter were waiting for her. A simply stunning effort!

Future Marathon status: NEVER AGAIN

Kieran’s race – Time for Bournemouth Marathon –  5 hours and 24 minutes

The lack of any other runners around him must mean he’s so far in the lead, right?!

The very fact that Kieran even started the Bournemouth Marathon is a testament to his positive attitude and commitment. Since agreeing to run his first marathon he has been dogged by injury which has prevented him from training as he would have hoped. The recent hamstring tweak, just before the race would have caused many to withdraw. Instead, again determined not to let anyone down, he planned to run as far as he could, then walk and run again when he felt better. He executed this plan brilliantly, mostly with a smile on his face, and completed his first marathon which looked highly unlikely 3 weeks ago.

Future Marathon status – Probably not but definitely a ½ Marathon and 10K

Phil’s race Time – 4 hours and 51 minutes

Cheese and Beans with the jacket potato sir?

Phil trained hard and consistently in preparation for the Bournemouth Marathon and this hard work resulted in his great performance. From occasionally running 5K he embarked upon a progressive training program, improved visibly each week and overcame niggles to complete his first marathon in hot conditions in a great sub 5hour time. He suffered severe cramps at the end of the race but recovered well enough to be sampling cocktails in various bars around Bournemouth well into the evening while the older member of the team had collapsed into bed.

Future Marathon status – Quite likely

Steve’s race – Time for Bournemouth Marathon –  3 hours and 43 minutes

Focused… and regretting the vino the previous night…

Steve declared that he was reasonably happy with his time in the Bournemouth Marathon. He then started wittering on about the greyhound, the whippet, his cadence, his heart rate monitor and other things but frankly by then no-one was listening or cared.

Future marathon status – highly likely but who cares

The team would like to thank all of those who supported them and helped raise a total of over £1600 for the supported charities!

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