Walk 1000 Miles in 2017 challenge

Here at A-Z we love a challenge… especially a walking challenge!

As many of you already know, in 2016, four of our intrepid team members bravely took on the Bournemouth Marathon, and completed it (some more successfully than others!). But now the New Year is here and we need a new challenge. Ideally, we were looking for a challenge that could involve more of the team here and then we discovered the 1000 mile walking challenge (www.livefortheoutdoors.com/walk1000miles).

As horrifying as it sounds, it only works out at around 2.7 miles a day – which is easily achievable and you’re probably already doing nearly that now. This challenge embraces and offers the most amazing rewards including improvement of your personal fitness! It’s run by Country Walking magazine which is full of useful information, hints, tips and the best places to go for a walk. Well worth signing up for.

Anyone can take part which is the great thing about this challenge – any age or ability should be able to complete this. 12 of the A-Z team have decided to take on this challenge. We will be keeping you updated with our monthly progress (or lack of it) with reports and photos.

Wish us luck… We are probably going to need it!

If you do have any tips or ideas please let us know in the comments – we would love to hear from you.


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