One Woman’s Quest to Visit All of the Gold Post Boxes!

It seems that much of the country is looking to continue the excitement of the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. For most, that means planning the next holiday or enjoying the latest sporting event (Ryder Cup victory maybe!). However one woman, Paula Grant, is continuing the Olympic spirit by pledging to visit all of the gold post boxes in Great Britain.

Since Team GB won their first medal at the Olympic Games, the Royal Mail has been painting a post box gold to celebrate every Team GB and ParalympicsGB gold medal win. A total of 105 post boxes have been painted gold and they will remain gold for at least 6 months.

Paula’s long journey is not only meant to continue the spirit of the summer but also to honour the two children that she tragically lost to Spina Bifida and Heart complications nearly 30 years ago. For that reason she is supporting SHINE – Spina bifida • Hydrocephalus • Information • Networking • Equality – and the British Heart Foundation as she makes her way to each gold post box.

So how big is this challenge? The gold post boxes have been painted in each winner’s local town meaning they are spread across every part of Great Britain. There are 90 gold post boxes in England, 7 in Wales and 8 in Scotland. The furthest for her to reach are:

  • Peter Kennaugh’s Gold Post Box (Men’s Team Pursuit, Cycling) located in Onchan, Isle of Man
  • Heather Stanning’s Gold Post Box (Women’s Pairs Rowing) located in Lossiemouth, Moray, Scotland
  • Helen Glover’s Gold Post Box (Women’s Pairs Rowing) located in Penzance, Cornwall.
  • Carl Hester’s Gold Post Box (Equestrian Team Dressage) located in Sark, Guernsey.

For Paula, rather than being scared off by the long journeys, this only increases the challenge. She started her journey on the 8th August with a trip to Jason Kenny’s gold post box in Bolton. Since then she has visited another 49 gold post boxes, so she is nearly halfway there!

One of the most recent gold post boxes visited was that of Carl Hester, located in Sark. With no cars on the island, Paula was taken in a horse and cart from the harbour to the famous post box in the centre of the island. Carl’s grandmother was there to greet her and make sure her visit was more memorable than a quick snap of the post box could ever be.

As Paula journeys her way around the post boxes, what is most striking is the people who have come out to meet her. Nearly every location she visits reveals another story about who was there and how they made that gold post box even more special.

All at A-Z Maps wish Paula every success with her continued journey. You can read her blog or follow her on Twitter to keep up with every gold post box as she visits them. Additionally, if you would like to donate to her charities, you can do so by visiting their websites: SHINE – Spina bifida • Hydrocephalus • Information • Networking • Equality and the British Heart Foundation.

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