UK Road Trips – Five Handy Tips

Low cost airlines still encourage many Britons to take to the skies and holiday abroad. Whilst this may be tempting, nothing quite compares to starting your car and taking to the road with a good set of tunes and a full tank of fuel. The UK is full of exciting places to visit, and what better way to see it than from the comfort of your own vehicle, on your very own UK road trip. We’ve listed 5 handy tips for anyone thinking of hitting the open road.

1. Check your tyres

You wouldn’t go for a trek in some worn out, uncomfortable old shoes. Likewise, your car shouldn’t be driven on tyres that are inflated below the recommended pressure or worn below the tread wear indicator. Driving with little or no tread isn’t just dangerous, it’s also illegal, and could result in a fine and points on your license. Under-inflated tyres make a vehicle less fuel-efficient, and will see your fuel bills and carbon emissions rising.

2. Check your engine

Engine maintenance is useful for everyday car use, but becomes even more important when undertaking a long journey. Therefore, ensure oil levels are sufficient, engine coolant is topped up and screen wash is full before your uk road trip. Just to be on the safe side, it’s also worth checking your breakdown cover policy is up to date. You don’t want to be breaking down in a remote area like the Scottish Highlands with no breakdown cover!

3. Plan your journey

Some may argue that the best road trips are born out of improvised travel. Plans can feel restrictive to the many road trippers who prefer to see where the road takes them. However, planning your journey beforehand can ensure you don’t end up in dodgy roadside accommodation, far from where you want to be, or stuck in rush-hour traffic jams. It can also help you fit in more rewarding sights, especially if you’re more interested in seeing particular things and less interested in the freedom of the journey.

4. Prepare for the unexpected

A few hours into the journey and your car starts to become more like your home, as it will be for big parts of your trip. A few home essentials can be a great help. Things like food, drink, and a camping stove can provide you with an alternative to finding somewhere to eat late at night. A good variety of clothes will prepare you for the full range of the British weather, especially if you are heading long distances or into the mountains.

5. Get some rest

Whether you’re camping or sleeping indoors, you may not get the sleep quality you’re used to at home. With this in mind, it can be worth ensuring all travellers are eligible to drive on the car’s insurance policy. This means that one person can rest whilst someone else takes the wheel. On the other hand, if you’re travelling alone then make sure you take regular breaks and drink plenty of coffee.

Don’t forget your road atlas! Plan the route for your UK road trip with one of our new, improved and updated A-Z Great Britain Road Atlases. Click on one of the images below to find the best one for your journey.

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